Title D A W N
Art Form Abstract
SIze 34 CM X 29 CM

According to the artist, this artwork draws inspiration from the captivating colors that nature unveils when the sun rises after a long, dark night. It captures the essence of a brand new day dawning, where the sky becomes a canvas painted with mesmerizing hues. However, the artist juxtaposes this awe-inspiring beauty with a touch of irony. The vibrant colors symbolize the start of a new day, where Sun decides to come up with a mesmering set of colors and mannkind sepnds the day slowing distroying and damaging it.

This piece serves as a reflection on the contrasting experiences we encounter in life. It reminds us of the fleeting beauty found in nature's creations and the potential for moments of wonder and inspiration. Yet, it also alludes to the realities of our daily routines, where we often find ourselves immersed in practical matters and the demands of efficiency. It prompts us to appreciate the ephemeral beauty that surrounds us, even amidst the mundane tasks, and to seek balance between the pragmatic and the enchanting aspects of our existence.